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Treat that special Mum-to-be with a gift voucher from Hey Baby 4D in Hull!

Early Reassurance Scan in Hull

This 15 minute appointments allows Mum and her guests to relax and meet baby for the first time, from just 6 weeks of pregnancy. Our scanning room is spacious and luxurious, so you can be sure that your gift will create memories to treasure for a lifetime. We welcome up to 6 guests so that you can share this magical meeting with your loved ones.

Hey Baby 4D Gift Vouchers

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Early Scans 

Please note that during the earlier weeks of pregnancy, it may be necessary to offer an internal scan so that our qualified Sonographer can see the fetus properly. We will always try an abdominal scan first and Mum always has the right to refuse this option if she is uncomfortable with it. We can usually see the fetus via an abdominal scan from around 8 weeks, but this does vary from one lady to another. It’s really important that Mum is properly hydrated in the 24 hours leading up to her scan to give us the best visibility.

Finding Hey Baby 4D in Hull

Parents from all over Yorkshire and the South Bank visit our private ultrasound clinic for their pregnancy scans, including Goole, Scunthorpe, Bridlington and even as far as Doncaster. We will even cover your Humber Bridge toll if you present us with a receipt at reception.

Our ultrasound clinic is fully wheelchair accessible and we have parking on site, making a private scan with Hey Baby 4D Hull both relaxed and convenient.

Please note: Hey Baby 4D Hull only offer pregnancy scans to adults of 18 years or over.


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Early reassurance scans are a popular service accessed by expectant mothers in Hull. The NHS provides routine scans at 12 and 20 weeks for women experiencing healthy pregnancies.

It’s imperative that you still attend your routine scans, as they are diagnostic and look for specific anomalies at certain stages of gestation that if left undetected, could seriously affect the health of both mum and baby.

Early reassurance scans in private ultrasound clinics like Hey Baby 4D in Hull provide expectant parents with the opportunity to check on their pregnancy 6 weeks earlier than these routine scans.

At Hey Baby 4D, our early reassurance scans will always begin abdominally (known as transabdominally), however it may be necessary to offer an internal scan (known as a transvaginal scan) if we are unable to see the fetus clearly. Many factors can cause this, including (but not limited to) the pregnancy being earlier than initially expected, the hydration of Mum or Mum’s BMI. For this reason, we highly recommend staying well hydrated in the 24 hours prior to your scan.

Hey Baby 4D only hires qualified and registered Sonographers.

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