Early Reassurance Scan


The primary purpose of this scan is to check the health and wellbeing of your baby. Please do not book if your primary objective is to determine the gender of your baby as this is not an essential scan we will actively discourage this.

The early reassurance scan is designed to provide peace of mind from as early as 8 weeks, through to 24 weeks of pregnancy. All of our scans are performed by a qualified and HCPC registered Sonographer.

What’s included with your scan:

  • See your baby’s heartbeat
  • Listening to baby’s heartbeat (from 16+ weeks)
  • Dating the pregnancy – to let you know how far along you are
  • FREE gender confirmation (optional, from 16+ weeks)
  • 2 x black & white prints*
  • Scan report & wellbeing form
  • Digital download of all images
  • Digital download of scan video available (£15)
  • Appointment time – 15 minutes

You should only attend a scan where there is a medical need, such as concerns over the viability of your pregnancy or health of your baby (or babies). Confirming the sex of your baby does not constitute a medical need and you shouldn’t book a scan for this purpose only during the COVID-19 outbreak

*During the COVID-19 lock down period, our team will select the best images for you

*Strictly one guest from the same household only to attend your appointment during COVID-19 epidemic. Any additional guests will politely be requested to remain outside

Scan Video



This scan is designed to provide you with reassurance about your pregnancy 4 weeks before your scan with the NHS. You must still attend your 12 week scan with the NHS.

You can prepare for your early reassurance scan by ensuring that you are properly hydrated; we recommend that you drink plenty of water in the hour before your scan.

Please bring your pregnancy notes with you. We may not need them, but it is helpful if our qualified Sonographers need to refer to them at any stage during your early reassurance scan.

Additional images, digital downloads of your scan images and a variety of products are available at Hey Baby 4D Hull to purchase on the day.

Finding us:

Hey Baby 4D Hull are based in Melton in Hull. This is approximately 11 miles from Hull centre, just up the A63 from the Humber Bridge. If you are visiting us from the Southbank (including Scunthorpe & Grimsby), we will even reimburse your Humber Bridge toll for you when you arrive!

Other services & packages:

As well as Early Reassurance Scans, Hey Baby 4D Hull offer a variety of ultrasound services to suit all stages of pregnancy, including our Gender & Sexing Scan, 4D Baby Scan, 4D VIP Baby Scan, Bonding & Wellbeing Scan and NIPT Screening (tests for Down’s, Edward’s & Patau’s Syndromes) from just 10 weeks gestation.



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