NIPT Screening


What is NIPT Screening?

A Non-Invasive Pregnancy Test (NIPT) is a simple blood test taken from the mother from as early as 10 weeks into pregnancy. The blood then is analysed at a laboratory to identify the presence of various chromosomal conditions as well as being able to identify the gender of the baby.

Are NIPT Tests available on the NHS?

The NHS will provide a blood test to indicate the likelihood that your baby has Down’s Syndrome. If this risk is considered high, you will then be offered an invasive test called an Amniocentesis. This test carries a risk of miscarriage, which is why most parents opt for the NIPT test. NIPT screening carries no risk to Mum or baby whatsoever and the results are ready within a week.

The NHS are currently unable to provide this test due to the costs involved, although most private healthcare professionals recommend it.


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The Vision Test

What is it and what does it test for?

When a woman is pregnant, the baby’s DNA can be detected in her bloodstream. NIPT tests identify this foetal DNA and are able to identify chromosomes within it. Specifically, NIPT tests identify chromosomal abnormalities such as Down’s, Edward’s and Patau’s Syndromes, as well as sex chromosomes (enabling you to learn the gender of your baby) and the abnormalities associated with them.

There are a number of NIPT tests available privately, most of whom offer the same service. Hey Baby have researched the market thoroughly and have chosen the Vision test due to its accuracy, low redraw rate (meaning you are less likely to need to have the test done again) and the fact that only 1 tube of blood is required in order to perform the test. The results are received quickly and the aftercare for customers who receive positive results is the best in the industry.

Gender Confirmation

The earliest you can have a scan to test for a baby’s gender is around 16 weeks and the NHS don’t tend to provide gender confirmation until 20 weeks. An NIPT test can be performed from as early as 10 weeks, with the results arriving just a week later.

How does it work?

NIPT tests only work from 10 weeks of pregnancy. All Hey Baby NIPT services include a complimentary scan to confirm your gestational age, but if you have had a scan in the week leading up to the test, you do not need to have another (although you can still redeem your complimentary scan later). Our experienced Phlebotomist will then take one tube of blood from your arm and send it to the laboratory; the whole process takes less than 20 minutes. Once the results have been received from the laboratory, your clinic will contact you to provide you with the results. Click here to book your NIPT test or call us on 01482 534 366 for more information.

What if the test finds something?

If any of the results are positive, we will introduce you to a Genetic Counsellor. Genetic Counsellors are highly trained professionals who will explain exactly what the results mean and talk through all the options with you with total sensitivity and empathy. If the results are all clear, the good news will be emailed directly to you.

How much does it cost?

The Vision Test normally costs £495 when purchased directly. You can access this test through Hey Baby 4D for just £399 (For further information on the different levels of testing along with pricing please contact us), which includes a free Early Reassurance Scan (worth £69). You may also be eligible for further discounts from other Hey Baby services.

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