Private 4D Ultrasound Clinic

Early Reassurance - £79 £69

From 8-24 weeks

15 minute appointment to provide peace of mind from as early as 8 weeks, throughout your pregnancy. Includes prints & wellbeing form.

Gender Scan - £79 £59

From 16 weeks

15 minute appointment to determine baby's gender with our exclusive gender reveal lighting. Includes FREE 4D preview and wellbeing form.

Bonding Scan - £69 £59

From 16-38 weeks

15 minute bonding scan to provide reassurance. You'll hear baby's heart beating and get a FREE 4D preview!* Includes prints & wellbeing form.

4D VIP Baby Scan - £99 £85

From 22-32 weeks

30 minute VIP experience. Meet baby in real-time 4D video! Includes wellbeing form, optional gender confirmation, prints & downloads of all images & video!

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4D Baby Scan Package £79

From 22-32 weeks

15 minute 4D bonding session, introducing you to your baby from just 22 weeks

Meet your baby in real-time 4D video. Includes 2 colour prints & wellbeing form.

NIPT & Early Scan from £399

From 10-22 weeks

Available from 10 weeks, this simple blood test identifies conditions such as Down’s, Edward’s and Patau’s Syndromes, as well as telling you the gender of your baby.